Hygiene Products In A Restaurant

A restaurant or hotel can serve hundreds of guests in a day which means that the kitchen is a beehive of activity from morning into the night. In such a kitchen, hygiene is extremely important to prevent contamination of food which would not only affect the client's health but also destroy the reputation of the restaurant. With proper planning and execution, all kitchens, whether in restaurants, large hotels or any other facility can maintain the highest hygiene standards. We explore the different hygiene products that can be found in a commercial kitchen and their importance.

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Handwashing hygiene products

Handwashing prevents the transfer of nutrients from one meal to another which could alter the ultimate taste of the food. It also prevents contamination of food, especially when handled by different people. A kitchen must have a dedicated hand washing station that should be equipped with handwash, a disinfectant and paper rolls or disposable towels. These must be replenished regularly to prevent deficiencies.
Dishwashing productsGiven the variety of food prepared in a kitchen and the number of guests served, there will always be dirty dishes. The dishwashing hygiene products are therefore important and include dish washing soap or liquid, different kinds of brushes, scouring pads for stubborn stains, towels to dry the utensils and a bleaching agent for those items that may require extra help retaining their colour.

Cleaning products

The floors, the counters, the sinks, the shelves and other storage spaces require constant cleaning and disinfection. As such, you must stock up on the most appropriate cleaning detergents for different surfaces- these are usually defined by the manufacturers or supplies of different items. Using the most appropriate detergent enhances durability of the surface in question. To this end you will need such things as rags, buckets, mops, cleaning agents, disinfectants and bleaching agents.

Other items

You will need a couple of high quality bins to dispose off leftovers and other kinds of waste generated in a kitchen, gloves, head wraps, personal towels and aprons for staff members. This should be coupled with proper personal hygiene by all staff members. You should also inspect the kitchen randomly to ensure that everything is at per with the set standards at all times.  The staff members must also be trained on a regular basis such that their knowledge and skills on hygiene and the use of different hygiene products is up to date. Remember that the hygienic conditions of your kitchen can make or break the reputation of the specific restaurant and the hotel in general. As such, extreme care must be observed.